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29/95 Commandos past and present regardless of Cap Badge
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 A Word in the House, a stroke of a pen

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PostSubject: A Word in the House, a stroke of a pen   27/4/2009, 10:08

A wife remembers -

A word in the house, a stroke of a pen,
the country disbanded a body of men
with fighting finesse and fitness supreme,
the Creme de la Creme wore Berets of green.

Their training was tough it had to be so
how to fight with a knife,how to kill with one blow
Salerno, Bardia, Dieppe, St Nazaire, when impossible odds,
the Commandos were there.

Their raids so successful that Hitler said,
"if captured no prisoners-I want these men dead!"
on D-day, Sword beach they were there to the force
as they jumped from their craft and made for the shore,
their contempt for the Nazis was plain to be seen
for they wore not steel helmets, but Berets of Green.

When it was all over, the fighting no more
the first they disbanded the Green Beret 'corp'
who went back to their homes, their town and their glen,
a body of gentle, self-disciplined men.

Yet forty years on they still meet, it is said
to talk-toast their queen-remember their dead
who's memorial stands at the foot of the 'Ben'
where they trained for the right to be Green Beret men.

For our freedom of movement, our freedom of speech,
to those who came after, this gospel i preach
a word in the house, a stroke of a pen, cannot
Wipe Out Our Debt To Those Green Beret Men.


----Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori----
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A Word in the House, a stroke of a pen
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